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Vega Baja Real Estate Talk with Ulrich Brack The   “Vega   Baja   Real   Estate   Talk   with   Ulrich”   is   an   English   language   TV   show   broadcast   on   Televisión   Vega   Baja”,   with   a   new episode   each   week.   The   show   is   repeated   3   times   in   the   week,   on   Tuesday   and   Thursday   at   12:00   pm   and   on   Wednesday   at 4:30pm and is available via streaming and also on-line from our website. Our   aim   is   to   provide   valuable   information   from   industry   experts   to   help   making   buying,   selling   and   owning   real   estate   here   in the Vega Baja region on the Southern Costa Blanca a more informed process. Further,   we   present   charities,   associations,   organisations   and   businesses   that   make   up   the   local   society,   with   an   insight   into entertainment,   restaurants   and   cultural   places   to   visit,   as   well   as   advice   on   the   legal   and   administrative   ramifications   of   living abroad. A   great   opportunity   to   learn   about   each   other   and   from   one   another,   to   increase   empathy   for   those   who   are   so   different   but   have so much in common. Every   week   we   meet   outstanding   people   that   make   up   our   region,   giving   you   an   opportunity   to   meet   people   who   care   about each other and appreciate how fortunate we are to be living in this wonderful place we all call our home in Spain. We love the Vega Baja, its villages and people and if you do too, or want to get to know it, please tune in every week. The   “Real   Estate   Talk   with   Ulrich”   is   a   great   way   to   educate   yourself   without   leaving   your   sofa   and   can   open   many   doors   to social and business opportunities. Watch our latest show HERE. For all the news and what’s coming up on our next show, follow us on Facebook .